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With Figure 3 as a reference, Figure 4a and Figure 4b reveal that the second floor of the east wing is given over to the "Ladies Coffee Room," accessible from the 2nd Level Lobby by descending the short flight of stairs to the lower boxes, and possibly via a stairway from below.

In Figure 3, the barely discernable "Ladies Coffee Room" is designated "4," and color-coded yellow.

Figure 3
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In Figure 4a we see the 2nd Level Lobby in light green (3), and the light green stairs and passageway to the lower boxes.* The light gray wall stands at the rear of the boxes. In this view it has been cut away to reveal the stairs behind. To the left of the gray wall may be seen the light green curve of the 2nd Level box fronts. Just to the right of the first doorway into the boxes is the entrance to the "Ladies Coffee Room." (4)
Figure 4a
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In Figure 4b, we see this same area from the reverse angle, looking at the theatre, as it were, through the Shakespeare Building. Just past the purple wall which separates the east wing from the main theatre building may be seen the gray wall at the rear of the boxes, and beyond, the light green curve of the 2nd Level box fronts.

Figure 4b
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