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Getting the Most from Your Editing Session

    At VideOccasions, editing is arranged by appointment. Appointments may be made by calling us at 425-641-4811.

    When your project is edited at VideOccasions you'll work side by side with a professional editor in one of our editing rooms.

    You're the Producer, so you provide "on the spot" artistic input. Sometimes clients say "Well, you're the professional. You make the decision." This isn't a very good idea; our editor's job is to advise and help you in the creation of your project, assuring that your project looks and sounds exactly as you've imagined it. Ultimately you've got to make the decisions, after listing to your editor's advice.

    The Editing Process

    • You call to make an appointment to come in and work with our editor. Organization is the key to a successful video editing session, so you'll be asked to do three things before your appointment:

        Consider your budget
        Log your materials
        Make edit decisions

When you call 425-641-4811 to make your editing appointment, a staff member will discuss your project with you. An editing suite will then be reserved for your use at a specific time.

Remember: editing is a collaborative process. Our goal is to help you produce a finished DVD or tape, within the constraints of your budget, of which you and we can be proud.

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