The Auditorium: Boxes and Lobbies

In this view looking west, we see the green of the lobby and lobby hallways, and the low purple walls that delineate the front of the main floor boxes. Note the steps leading from the lobby to the boxes, and the swell of the proscenium boxes on either side of the stage.

The dark green wall belongs to the pit lobby and pit passage, below the level of the auditorium floor.

In the view at right, drawn as though in the stage left flies looking toward down right, we see the stage right (house left) proscenium box, and the steps leading down to the pit passage from the floor of the auditorium (shown here in gray.)

The flooring of the boxes has been cut away to reveal the dark green of the pit passage walls and the dark brown orchestra pit masking has been cut away on stage right to show the steps which descend from the auditorium to the pit passage in the basement.