Shot Sequence

  • A -- Start with a master or establishing shot. This is a wide shot of the scene where the action takes place.This will show your viewers where they are, and who is involved in the scene.
  • B -- Cut to a medium shot. This serves as a transition between the establishing shot and the closeup. Attention is drawn more closely to the subject. Background details become less important.
  • C -- Cut to a close-up, abbreviated "CU". The preceding shots have paved the way for this most proximate view of your subject. Close-ups provide the kind of intimacy we enjoy in being involved in a real life event.
  • Notice that each of these views qualifies as a "CU" (close-up), relative to the wide or master shot
    in A.

    Rules, once you learn them and understand why they have been developed, are made to be broken!

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