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  • ID and Playing Time

    Film Reel Size and Approximate Footage
    3"Reel=50' 5"Reel=200' 6"Reel=300' 7"Reel=400'

    Film Type
    Approximate Playing Time (in minutes)
    30 60 90 120
    8mm 8-50' Reels
    400 feet
    16-50' Reels
    800 feet
    24-50' Reels
    1200 Feet
    32-50' Reels
    1600 Feet
    Super 8mm 9-50' Reels
    450 Feet
    18-50' Reels
    900 Feet
    27-50' Reels
    1350 Feet
    36-50' Reels
    1800 Feet
    Sound *
    1000 Feet
    2000 Feet
    3000 Feet
    4000 Feet
    Silent *
    625 Feet
    1875 Feet
    * For many years 16mm was a popular film size among serious film hobbyists. Most commonly it was exposed -- "shot" -- as silent film, in which case the film would have sprocket holes on both sides of the film. When shot with sound, the sprocket holes on one side of the film strip were sacrificed to make room for an optical sound track.

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