Choosing a Wedding Videographer: How to, and why it's important to have one.

Video Styles
Long or Short Form?
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Videographer's Needs
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Introduction: Since the 1860's, when photography first became possible, weddings have been recorded by still photographers. You've probably looked at the photo albums which preserve the memory of their parent's wedding. Unanswered by the photos are questions such as "how did Mom manage that huge train as she walked down the aisle?" "Was Dad able to bend over in his stiffly starched shirt?" "Was their first dance as graceful as their dancing today?"

What's missing from these frozen moments of the wedding are the sights, the sounds and the bustle of activity that only moving images can capture. Videography has given today's bride and groom the opportunity to have created a memoir of their wedding, complete with all the sights and sounds of that most important event in their lives, a memory which can be revisited for years to come. Creating a video record of a wedding is a job best left to professionals. "Why would we want a professionally made wedding video?" ask many brides and grooms. "Uncle Charlie offered to do it for us for free."

As we'll see in the rest of this article, there is a lot to wedding videography that Uncle Charlie probably doesn't know about.