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A Selected Bibliography of the Masque

  1. A Book of masques; in honour of Allardyce Nicoll. London, Cambridge U. P., 1967. Phy Descript: xv, 448 p. front., 48 plates. 23 cm. Notes: Includes bibliographical references.
      • The vision of the twelve goddesses, by S. Daniel, edited by J. Rees.
      • Oberon, the fairy prince, by B. Jonson, edited by R. Hosley.
      • Love freed from ignorance and folly, by B. Jonson, edited by N. Sanders.
      • The lord's masque, by T. Campion, edited by I. A. Shapiro.
      • The masque of the Inner Temple and Gray's Inn, by F. Beaumont, edited by P Edwards.
      • The masque of flowers, edited by E. A. J Honigmann.
      • The masque of the Inner Temple (Ulysses and Circe) by W. Browne, edited by R. F. Hill.
      • Lovers made men, by B. Jonson, edited by S. Wells.
      • Pleasure reconciled to virtue, by B. Jonson, edited by R. A. Foakes.
      • The Inner Temple masque, or Masque of Heroes, by T. Middleton, edited by R. C. Bald.
      • The triumph of peace, by J. Shirley, edited by C. Leech.
      • The spring's glory, by T. Nabbes, edited by J. R. Brown.
      • Salmacida Spolia, by I. Jones and W Davenant, edited by T. J. B. Spencer.
      • Cupid and death, by J. Shirley, edited by B. A. Harris.
      • "These pretty devices": a study of masques in plays, by Inga-Stina Ewbank.

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      • Remarks on some of his sketches for masques and dramas; by J. R. Planche, esq.
      • Five court masques; ed from the original mss. of Ben Jonson, John Marston, etc., by J. Payne Collier, esq., accompanied by facsimiles of drawings by Inigo Jones; and by a portrait from a painting by Vandyck. London, Printed for the Shakespeare society, 1848.
      • Notes: Shakespeare society. Publications. no. 39.
        The five court masques include:
        • The Mask of Queens, and The Twelfth Night's Revels, by Ben Jonson;
        • The Mountebank's Mask, by John Marston;
        • The Mask of the Twelve Months;
        • The Mask of the Four Seasons.

  5. Evans, Herbert Arthur, 1846. English masques; with an introduction by Herbert Arthur Evans. London, Glasgow [etc.] Blackie & son, limited, 1897. Notes: The Warwick library.
      • Introduction: List of extant masques.
        English masques:
        • Samuel Daniel's Vision of the twelve goddesses
        • Ben Jonson:
          • Masque at Lord Haddington's marriage.
          • Masque of queens.
          • Oberon.
          • Golden age restored
          • Lovers made men.
          • News from the new world discovered in the moon.
          • Masque of augurs.
          • Pan's anniversary, or The sheperd's holy day.
          • Neptune's triumph for the return of Albion
          • Fortunate isles, and their union.
        • Thomas Campion: Lords' masque.
        • Francis Beaumont [Masque o]f the Inner-Temple and Gray's Inn.
        • Anonymous: The masque of flowers.
        • James Shirley: Triumph of peace.
        • Sir William Davenant [and Inigo Jones]: Salmacida spolia.

  6. Greg, W. W. (Walter Wilson), 1875-1959. A list of masques, pageants, &c. supplementary to a List of English plays. London, Printed for the Bibliographical Society, by Blades, East & Blades, 1902. Notes: [Bibliographical Society, London. Publications]. Supplement to his "List of English plays written before 1643", issued in 1900.
      • Preface
      • List of masques, pageants, &c.
      • Index of authors.
      • Index of titles.
      • Essay introductory.
      • Appendix I. Advertisement lists.
      • Appendix II. The early play lists.
      • A list of English plays (Addenda & corrigenda).

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    Phy Descript: 6 v. ; 23 cm. v.1-6. Notes: Reprint of the 1868-1870 ed., Geneva.

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  15. Sadler, Anthony, b. 1610. The subjects joy for the Kings restoration, cheerfully made known in a sacred masque [microform] : gratefully made publique for His Sacred Majesty / by the author of Inqvisitio Anglicana. London : Printed for James Davis ..., 1660.
    Notes: "Epistle dedicatory" and "To the candid reader" signed: Anthony Sadler. Caption title: A divine masque. (Reproduction of original in Huntington Library.) References: Wing S273.
    Microfilm. Ann Arbor, Mich. : University Microfilms, 1974. 1 microfilm reel. 35 mm. (Early English books, 1641-1700; 509:41).

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