Lobbies and Stairways: Main Lobby Audience Control Walls

In this view of the theatre we see the lower-most pit lobby (purple-blue). Next, at the top of the white marble entrance stairs, the main lobby (dark green) and above it (light green) the second floor lobby.

At the top of the white marble entrance stairs, the patron entered a shallow vestibule, and passed through one of three doorways into the main lobby. These doorways have

been shown cut-away, so that the various stairways behind may be seen. A similar wall may be seen in the second floor lobby.

In the view to the right we see the main lobby with the doorway wall in place.

Once past the control wall, those bound for boxes on the main floor entered the rear of the theatre via short flights of steps immediately before them as the entered the lobby, or passed down one of the passages to the right or left to seats nearer the front of the house.

Patrons bound for the upper level of seating turned left or right to ascended a curving stairway to the second floor lobby.