The Flies and Passage over the Proscenium

Taken together, the two views below and the perspective detail drawings derived from them provide an insight into the upper floors of the theatre, as well as showing the relationship of the flies to the various passages and stairways with which they connect.

In the first, a view looking north east (i.e., as though you were at stage right, high above the theatre), the flies are prominently in view. Note that although the fly floor is horizontal at the working level, the ceiling which it forms is raked. If this is confusing, you will see that the fly floor (#3, tan/brown) is thicker downstage than upstage.This rake parallels that of the stage floor, a necessary feature so that wings can be moved freely about the stage.

1. Stage 2. Auditorium 3. Flies 4. Dressing Room 5."Room" 6. Artsit's Room
Painting Room 9. Pit Level (beneath the stage) 12. "Picture Room"

1. Stage 2. Auditorium 3. Flies 4. Dressing Room 5. "Room" 6. Artist's Room 7. Painting Room
8. Resolution Hose 9. Pit Level 10. Gallery 11. Second Floor Lobby 12. "Picture Room"