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Still Pictures in Video: The Photo Montage

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A photo montage is a collection of photographs arranged to tell some aspect of a life story. The photo montage is a celebration of life, whether it celebrates a birthday or anniversary, relives a family vacation, or evokes memories of a loved one gone. Photographs that have languished for years in old scrapbooks and albums can be shared with family members far and near when placed onto a DVD.

Although often consisting entirely of still pictures, there are no rules regarding what a photo montage should be, and many we have helped create at VideOccasions have contained a mixture of still photos, slides and video material. Photo montages are usually accompanied by music, and may have narration added too.

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Creating Your Photo Montage
How it's done What you need to do to prepare your pictures Scanning Costs

There are five steps in creating a photo montage.

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